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Customer Coalition Blasts AGA/INGAA Proposal

If there was ever any indication there was industry consensus onthe need for negotiated terms and conditions of pipelinetransportation service, it was soundly dispelled in a letter beingmailed to FERC today by a group of producers, end users, marketers,and municipal distributors. The Pipeline Transportation CustomerCoalition, which is being led by the Natural Gas Supply Associationand the Independent Petroleum Association of America, blasted therecent FERC policy proposal (filed May 4) by the American GasAssociation and the Interstate Natural Gas Association of Americaas “seriously flawed as to undercut any purported value.” A filingmade by Columbia Energy’s pipeline subsidiaries last week also canbe grouped with the AGA-INGAA proposal. An NGSA spokeswoman said ittoo falls under this protest.

June 17, 1998

July Fizzles Lower Ahead of Storage Report

The July contract slipped ever-so-slightly yesterday during aquiet trading session as many traders elected to remain on thesidelines in anticipation of the AGA’s weekly storage report. Julywas limited to a tight nickel range settling down 0.8 cents to$1.93. Estimated volume was 47,000.

June 11, 1998

April Futures Remain Bound to Tight Range

Just as the old saying about the lion and the lamb goes, no onecan ever be sure what kind of weather March will bring. This lackof clear fundamental direction has made its way to the New YorkMercantile Exchange, where the spot April contract was unable tobreak outside of a tight $2.115-$2.205 trading range last week.Since April had virtually no room to move, it is fitting the spotmonth could settle the week only 0.8 cents higher at $2.137.

March 16, 1998

Williams Lands Its Biggest Processing Deal Ever

Williams’ field services unit has agreed to process 300 MMcf/dof gas for Exxon Company USA at its gas liquids extraction plant tobe built near Coden, AL. The deal is the largest processingcontract to date for the field services unit. The NGL extractionplant is expected to be in service by the first quarter of nextyear and will have 600 MMcf/d of inlet capacity. The Exxon gasrepresents dedicated production from multiple leases in the MobileBay area. Remaining plant capacity will be filled through theexpansion of the Transco Mobile Bay Lateral as well as other gasproduction currently flowing on the existing Transco pipeline. Aspokeswoman said the company expects to sign five or six morecontracts to handle gas at the new plant, which is expandable up toat least 900 MMcf/d.

February 26, 1998
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