Transportation Notes

MRT issued an OFO Tuesday due to anticipated cold weather andoperational conditions; the order will remain in effect today anduntil further notice. It is interrupting all IT volumes andAuthorized Overrun gas flowing on the mainline north of theGlendale, AR, Station. MRT will not allow underdelivery of gasduring this time but will continue to accept positive imbalancenominations.

January 5, 2000

Transportation Notes

Due to forecasts of colder weather, a System Protection Warningtakes effect today until further notice for MRT’s mainline north ofthe Glendale (AR) Station. MRT recommended that customers withinterruptible and Authorized Overrun gas on the mainline re-sourcethose volumes to the East Line. The East Line is a lateral about 90miles long from Trunkline in central Illinois east to the St. Louisarea, connecting with NGPL along the way. If excess volumescontinue on the mainline, MRT said, it will issue an OFOrestricting that line to FT only.

December 15, 1999

Transportation Notes

CIG said Friday an OFO begun Nov. 11 (see Daily GPI, Nov. 11) and regarding FT imbalances andand limitations on storage injections would remain in effect throughthe weekend. Based on the latest weather forecasts, CIG anticipatesbeing able to lift the OFO Tuesday. A new bulletin board posting todaywill update the OFO status.

November 22, 1999

Transportation Notes

Citing high storage inventories and declining injectioncapabilities related to high field pressures, CIG will implement anOFO taking effect today until further notice for all firmtransportation and storage customers. To relieve a “criticaloperational situation,” CIG is limiting No-Notice Transportation(NNT-1 and NNT-2) customers to an injection maximum of 1/250th oftheir contractual Maximum Available Capacity. Shippers with storageinventory exceeding MAC should initiate withdrawals to get withintheir allowable limits, the pipeline said. Although interruptiblestorage customers (IS-1) were not specifically part of the OFO,they were notified that injections are not available. In additionto the storage situation, CIG said, excessive positive imbalanceson FT contracts are threatening system integrity.

November 11, 1999

Bidweek, Last-of-Month Prices Down a Little

September prices were a little lower following the weekend, butsome sources saw something of a yo-yo effect with quotes regaininga penny or two in the afternoon as the October screen managed toachieve a small advance. A buyer at the Chicago citygate said hisdeals averaged just over $2.90 on Friday and just under $2.90 onMonday.

August 31, 1999

Screen Boosts Cash; Northwest Rupture Effect Minimal

“Following the screen”-a market catch-phrase that hasn’t been asmuch in vogue in recent weeks as it used to be-regained popularityMonday as cash prices had little else on which to base modestfirming. New quotes ranged from essentially flat in the Californiaand Northeast markets to as much as a nickel or so higher at pointssuch as the Chicago citygate and El Paso-San Juan (Blanco). Withweather in most areas staying mild and the storage situation stillbearish, it’s hard to see where else beside futures that cash couldhave derived any strength, sources said.

March 2, 1999

Transportation Note

A systemwide entitlement against overtakes that began Dec. 19 onNorthwest remained in effect going into the holiday weekend.Northwest said Wednesday it would continue to operate under a Stage1 entitlement at 3% because it had not seen sufficient improvementin system conditions. However, as of Wednesday the entitlement waslifted on points south of Kemmerer (WY) Station.

December 28, 1998
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