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Koch’s Auction, Imbalance Plans Draw Protests

Koch Gateway Pipeline’s proposal to create an interactiveauction for shippers to bid on capacity in expiring firm storagecontracts has come up against some protest at the Federal EnergyRegulatory Commission.

August 16, 1999

Bears Draw First Blood, Send June Below $2.20

Following last Friday’s near price-stalemate, bears were quickout of the blocks yesterday, and within the first hour of tradingthe June contract reached it’s lowest level since April 19. Themarket received a slight buying boost before the noon hour, butsellers were at it again yesterday afternoon, carving out a $2.145low in choppy trading activity. The June contract finished at$2.176, down 4.9 cents for the session.

May 25, 1999

Bulls, Bears Call it a Draw in Quiet Session

After a hectic trading week that saw the June contract tradewithin a choppy, 15-cent range, traders tiptoed through Friday’snatural gas session. A late rally and retreat right before theclose of trading was the only real excitement in an otherwisefeatureless trading landscape. The June contract finished at$2.288, up 0.6 cents for the day and 1.5 cents for the week.

May 17, 1999

Small Gains Prompt Locals, Producers to Draw Line in Sand

After apparently teasing volatility-loving traders Monday,natural gas futures have returned to the somewhat unspectaculartrading which marred the month of February by chopping lazilysideways for the past two days. Only subtle differences-Tuesday’slate decline vs. Wednesday’s late uptick-were seen asdistinguishing features in an otherwise featureless market. TheApril contract saw the largest gains, notching a 2.7-cent gain tofinish at $1.723 in light to moderate trading Wednesday.

March 4, 1999

Commercials Fight to Draw on Next to Last Day

A casual observer of yesterday’s market would look at the tighttrading range, low volatility and unchanged settlement and concludeit was a quiet trading day at the New York Mercantile Exchangewhere neither bull nor bear prevailed. But beneath February’s4-cent trading range and $1.714 settlement price, a battle waswaged as commercial traders in opposing camps, unencumbered bylocals who have largely moved on to March dealings, trieddesperately to influence a move in their direction. And so, as asource from a mid-sized gas marketer lamented, “the big boys wereat it again.”

January 27, 1999
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