February Futures Lead Market Higher in Year-End Rally

Adding to double-digit gains achieved Wednesday, the futuresmarket plodded higher Thursday when short-covering activity boostedprices in light, pre-holiday trading. The move left February with atwo-day gain of 16.4 cents, a feat January could not muster duringits entire reign as prompt month.

January 4, 1999

Prices Continue Rise, But Producer Sees Peaking Sign

Cash prices continued to act like rampaging bulls as Octoberbegan Thursday. Double-digit increases of between 10 and 20 centswere the order of the day almost across the board as traders notedchilly weather in major northern market areas and the fact thatGulf of Mexico production, while nearly back to normal afterhurricane outages, still was missing a few hundred MMcf/d. At leasttwo big processing plants in southeast Louisiana remained shut downdue to storm damage. Cash also built on Wednesday’s big screenrun-up and initially higher futures prices Thursday. Even theNovember contract eventually wound up with a small loss, a traderpointed out.

October 2, 1998

East Prices Fall as Expected, But West Holds Firm

A double-digit drop Tuesday on the futures screen had nearly allsources anticipating softer cash prices Wednesday. They were right,at least in Eastern markets where most points fell by amounts oneither side of a nickel. But markets in the West were surprisinglyfirm. With the exception of Permian Basin and Waha gas in theSouthwest, which joined the East in fallbacks of about a nickel,the West was essentially flat to a few cents higher.

June 18, 1998
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