Most Points Fall; Northeast Still Sees Some Spikes

Warming trends due Thursday in the South along with much of the Midwest and Rockies caused enough diminution of heating load to push prices a few cents lower at a modest majority of points Wednesday. However, forecasts of windy snow showers and lows generally in the 30s kept quotes moving much higher in most of the Northeast, with several citygates again recording dollar-plus advances.

December 29, 2011

Weekend Prices Extend Drops at Nearly All Points

Prices continued to fall at a large majority of points Friday despite a few slight reversals of cooling trends. The overall diminution of air conditioning load from earlier in the week was still largely in place, and it was abetted by the previous day’s 8.4-cent decline by August futures following a bearish storage report and the usual drop of industrial load during a weekend in pushing cash numbers lower.

July 11, 2011

Prices Fall Along with Weather-Related Load

With heat levels starting to ease off in the South and a mild warm-up trend approaching in the Midwest, the diminution of weather-related load was enough to allow prices to retreat across the board Wednesday. Negative prior-day guidance from the screen contributed to the softening effect.

May 26, 2005