With Some Warming in Sight, Quotes Soften

The blast of cold air that descended through the Midwest into much of the South at midweek last week would be waning to some extent during the weekend. So despite a moderate amount of prior-day futures support, the brief decline of heating load combined with the usual weekend dip of industrial demand to push cash prices lower across the board Friday.

October 24, 2011

PG&E Gas Pipeline Blast Rocks Bay Area Suburb; Cause Unknown

Federal officials, utility workers, emergency response teams and nonprofit volunteer organizations descended on a normally quiet residential neighborhood in a San Francisco suburb Friday working their way deliberately through the rubble from a major natural gas transmission pipeline explosion and fire that destroyed dozens of homes, killed at least four residents and left more than 50 people injured, eight critically. Identifying the cause of the catastrophe, however, appeared to be out of reach until the water and power infrastructures in the immediate area were stabilized.

September 13, 2010

What Heat Wave? Natural Gas Futures Drop 56.4 Cents

In spite of the sizzling heat wave that has descended upon the U.S. this week, natural gas futures on Monday departed from the last week’s upswing to explore lower price levels once again. August natural gas plummeted below the psychological $6 support level in Monday’s regular session to settle at $5.783, down a whopping 56.4 cents from Friday.

July 18, 2006

New England Spikes to $30; Non-Northeast Prices Mixed

No movie was involved, but “The Big Chill” descended on the Northeast Tuesday and sent delivered prices in New England skyrocketing as high as $30. Outside the Northeast, the market was decidedly mixed around flatness with numbers ranging from a quarter down to half a dollar higher.

January 14, 2004

Producers Seek ‘Crude Awakening’ in D.C.

Unconvinced that the latest uptick in domestic oil pricessignals a turnaround, domestic producers last week descended on theWhite House and Capitol Hill to make a direct pitch for marginalwell tax credits, exploration and production (E&ampP) incentivesand other economic reforms to boost the ailing oil and gasindustry.

March 22, 1999