UGI Utilities Dropping Rates on Marcellus Production Spike

The low price of natural gas may be keeping producers up at night, but it’s helping some Pennsylvania consumers sleep easier.

December 5, 2011

Widespread Comfortable Weather Yields Falling Prices

Mild weather throughout most of the North American continent continued to work its price-depressing magic Friday, augmented by day-earlier weakness in energy futures and to a lesser extent by the typical slump of industrial load over a weekend.

March 29, 2004

Warm Weather Depressing Cash Market Again

Prices failed to maintain the upward momentum that had begun theweek, slipping lower by a nickel to a dime at nearly all pointsTuesday. Traders were unable to ignore the cumulative negativedemand effect of more than 40 cities setting all-time hightemperature records for the month of November over the previousweek. And although one marketer said the screen had little bearingon day-to-day cash pricing, the nickel-plus drop in futuresprovided no support for cash.

November 17, 1999

Weekend Load’s Price-Depressing Effect Returns

Unlike a week earlier, the slump in gas demand that almostalways accompanies a weekend had its usual negative effect on cashprices Friday. Declines ranged from only 3-4 cents at Midwest andNortheast citygates to as much as a dime or so at Southwest andRockies points, where most of the maintenance outages at processingplants and compressor stations had ended by Friday. Most otherpoints registered drops of about a nickel.

May 24, 1999