Judge Orders EPA to Be Deposed in Range Case

Range Resources unit Range Production Co. may depose an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official on Tuesday (Jan. 25), a federal judge in Austin, TX, has ruled. The agency has accused the company of contaminating water wells with its Barnett Shale drilling activities, a claim Range disputes.

January 21, 2011

Texas Water Official: Evidence Lacking in Well Contamination Case

A Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) hearing intended to get to the bottom of the matter of whether the Barnett Shale gas drilling activities of Range Resources Corp. led to the contamination of two water wells in Parker County, TX, has been postponed to Jan. 18 from Monday (Jan. 10). In the meantime, one interested observer told Shale Daily that both research that condemns the company and other findings that would exonerate it are incomplete.

January 7, 2011