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Analysts: El Paso-Southern Merger Dead for Now

It’s been all talk but no action and as a result industryanalysts are starting to back away from rampant rumors of apotential merger between Southern Co. and El Paso Energy.

March 1, 1999

New Jersey on the Verge of a Deregulation Outbreak

Legislation with drop-dead dates for 100% gas and electricderegulation continued to march through the New Jersey GeneralAssembly Friday, as the state senate’s Economic Growth Committeeagreed to send a bill to both the senate and assembly floors for avote on Tuesday. If passed, the bill would force the state’s gasindustry to allow supply competition statewide starting Dec. 31 andstatewide electric generation competition starting Aug. 1. For itto become law, the bill needs to win a simple majority in bothhouses.

January 11, 1999
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