Transportation Notes

Transwestern’s Bloomfield Compressor Station was hit bylightening at about 9 p.m. Sunday. The station is down, and damageis being evaluated. The outage affects 150,000 MMBtu/d.

August 3, 1999

Transportation Notes

El Paso found unexpected damage in its inspection of the WhiteRock No. 2 turbine. The unit remained down through Friday, cuttingSan Juan Basin capacity by 200 MMcf/d. The pipeline expected tocomplete repairs by late Friday afternoon, but said because itcould not raise San Juan capacity until the unit could be tested,the constraint would remain in effect for Cycles 1 and 2 ofSaturday’s gas day.

July 19, 1999

Transportation Notes

A 270 MMcf/d reduction in San Juan Basin supply persisted intothe weekend-and possibly beyond-as El Paso reported it had founddamage to internal rotating components in its Blanco Plant’s “D”turbine that would require removal and inspection. The plant hadbeen scheduled to resume full operation Thursday. If the parts canbe repaired and reused, the turbine should return to service May31, El Paso said. But if the parts must be replaced, the projectedreturn date is June 5.

June 1, 1999

Transportation Notes

Compressor damage is causing unscheduled maintenance on Unit Cat Station 5 (Athol, ID), PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest saidMonday. At first a Kingsgate capacity limitation of 2,050 MMcf/dwas expected to begin today and last through Thursday, but lateMonday afternoon the pipeline said it was able to raise theKingsgate ceiling to 2,200 MMcf/d “due to unseasonably cool ambienttemperatures.”

April 27, 1999

Futures Stabilize as Traders Assess Damage

Coming into Tuesday’s session at Nymex traders agreed that oneof two things would happen-prices would either continue to spikelower in follow-though of Monday’s decline, or the market wouldtake a day to catch its breath. Those that cast their vote for thelatter were correct yesterday when the December contract slipped aslight 2.6 cents to settle at $2.279.

November 18, 1998

Mitchell Wins Another Victory in TX Water Case

The Texas Supreme Court let stand an appeals court decision thatreversed a $204 million damage award against a subsidiary ofMitchell Energy & Development Corp. in the 1996 “Bartlett” casein which plaintiffs alleged the company contaminated water wells inWise County, TX. “Friday’s announcement by the Texas Supreme Court,and recent decisions at the district court level, are significantvictories because these cases clearly establish the fact thatMitchell is not the cause of any water quality problems in NorthTexas,” said Tom Battle, Mitchell general counsel.

July 7, 1998
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