Industry Brief

The U.S. Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has outlined an initiative for wrestling with the growing mix of economic, political and environmental issues cropping up on public lands. BLM’s “Landscape Approach for Managing the Public Lands” initiative is to examine ecological conditions, patterns and management opportunities that may not be evident when managing smaller land areas, a BLM spokesperson said. This approach is designed to help the federal agency better manage the increasing demand for the use of public lands for recreation and energy development. BLM said its “landscape” approach will be a national program built on, connected to and supported by efforts in its field offices. The program was put together by a 12-member team consisting of managers from the Washington, DC, office, National Operations Center and state field offices in Alaska, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The program will focus on two components: rapid ecoregional assessments and ecoregional direction.

April 17, 2012

Prices Rally Strongly as Colder Weather Expected

With forecasts cropping up of weather more appropriate for January than the mild conditions that have dominated much of the East so far this winter, prices staged a double-digit rally at all points Monday.

January 9, 2007

New England Grid Chief: Region Has ‘Severe Case’ of NIMBYism

With local opposition cropping up against everything from offshore wind turbines to transmission lines, New England’s “severe case of NIMBYism” is a key challenge for the region, the head of ISO New England (ISO-NE) noted last week.

April 3, 2006

Transmission Struggles to Keep Pace with Generation

With power projects cropping up faster than spring dandelions,an alarming disconnect has occurred between generation andtransmission in several regions of the U.S., according to PaulParshley, director of North American Electric Power for CambridgeEnergy Research Associates.

March 20, 2000