Texas Petroleum Index Shows State’s Gas Production Gaining on Oil

In the first-ever Texas Petroleum Index, which covers oil and natural gas production, drilling, rig counts and employment numbers for the state, economists found signs of solid improvement, but also signs of transformation. The state’s energy sector is once again moving up, but moving away from oil production and toward natural gas, buoyed by sustained higher gas prices.

May 21, 2003

Mexico Establishes Another Distribution Zone

Mexico’s energy regulatory commission (CRE) created thePuebla-Tlaxcala geographic zone for gas distribution. The zonecovers 51 municipalities in the two states. An investment of about$50 million is expected to develop the project, and Gaz de Francehas expressed an interest.

August 20, 1999

TVA Buys Chunk of Capacity on Columbia

A transportation agreement signed by Columbia Gulf and theTennessee Valley Authority (TVA) may mark the beginning of alasting relationship. The agreement covers firm transportation onColumbia for 240,000 MMBtu/d of gas that will fuel 1,500 MW ofpower generation at TVA’s Gallatin Power Plant in Sumner County,TN. But the plant represents a small piece of a larger conversionprocess which will turn another 20 generation units to gas usageover the next year.

June 30, 1998

NEV to Supply Power to DOD Facilities

New Energy Ventures won a huge four-year power supply contractwith the Department of Defense that covers 1,200,000 MWh ofelectricity annually is worth $300 million. Among the servicesincluded in the contract are energy procurement and access to dailyincremental electric usage and demand data for each site via NewEnergy Ventures’ customer service Web site,

May 15, 1998
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