Poll: Texans Favor Cheap Gas Over Sun, Wind

A statewide poll of voting Texans suggests consumers favor gasover costlier non-conventional energy technologies such as solarand wind. Responding to the ninth annual Texas Interested Citizens(TIC) Statewide Poll, conducted in late September, more than halfthe respondents, 56% said they would not be willing to pay more forelectricity produced by solar and wind power.

October 12, 1998

Regulator Sees New Electric as Costlier Than Gas

Gas pipeline industry lobbyists are missing out on an excellentopportunity in the power generation market to promote greaterexpansion of the pipeline network, says Commissioner Brent Alderferof the Colorado Public Utlities Commission. And the power industryas well is overlooking the importance of gas pipelines indistributed generation in creating greater power reliability.

August 14, 1998