Industry Briefs

Coastal Corp.’s Gulfstream Natural Gas System has sent a requestfor quotation (RFQ) to 10 pre-qualified contractors for installationof the offshore portion of its proposed 744-mile natural gas pipelinefrom Alabama across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. The RFQ calls foroffshore assembly and installation of more than 400 miles of 36-inchdiameter pipe to to serve Gulfstream’s customers in Florida. Thepipeline says it has 10 large, non-affiliated Florida utilities andpower generation facilities signed to long-term commitments for themajority of its capacity. Gulfstream is one of two largeunder-the-Gulf pipelines proposed to serve the Florida Peninsula. TheFederal Energy Regulatory Commission last month issued preliminaryapprovals for both Gulfstream and Buccaneer pipelines, each of whichproposes to carry about a Bcf/d into the state. The latter issponsored by Williams and Duke Energy (see Daily GPI, April 26).

June 1, 2000
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