Shippers Blast Transco’s MarketLink Project

Existing shippers on Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line haveshredded the pipeline company’s $529 million MarketLink expansionproject, saying it should be rejected by the Commission, or Transcoshould be put at risk for the cost. The project would add 154 milesof pipeline looping and 62,400 hp of compression along Transco’sLeidy Line, which extends from the Leidy hub in westernPennsylvania to New York City.

June 18, 1998

Amoco Swaps WY Properties With Snyder

Amoco Corp. and Snyder Oil Corp. traded interests in Wyomingproperties to help each company focus its gas operations in theGreen River Basin. Amoco acquired Snyder’s interest in asubstantial portion of the Jonah field in Sublette and Sweetwatercounties. In exchange, Amoco gave Snyder 75% of its interest in theBeaver Creek Unit in Fremont County, WY. Amoco retained 25%interest in Beaver Creek. The deal involved property only.

May 27, 1998

NGC, Texaco To Combine Liquids Pipelines

NGC Corp. and Texaco signed a memorandum of understandingyesterday to create a new joint venture company that will useexisting gas liquids pipelines to create a 290-mile, bi-directionalnatural gas liquids (NGL) transportation system, extending fromSorrento, LA, to Mont Belvieu, TX.

May 19, 1998

Court Vacates FERC Orders on Mandatory Bypass

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s authority formandatory pipeline bypass of a distribution company is up for grabsagain as a result of an Eleventh Circuit court decision lastThursday in the long-running Arcadian case (Atlanta Gas Light et alv. FERC 92-9121).

May 18, 1998

PG&E Begins Second Power Plant Auction

Pacific Gas and Electric started its second auction of electricgenerating plants in Northern California, placing four gas-firedpower plants and the company’s geothermal facilities on the blockthis week. The auctions are in support of California’s move towardfull competition in the energy utility industry.

April 15, 1998

Williams Completes Mapco Deal

The Williams Companies completed the acquisition of Mapco Inc.shifting the bulk of the company’s assets into an unregulatedbusiness environment.

March 31, 1998

NGC: FERC Punishment Doesn’t Fit Crime

A leading gas marketer last week decried FERC’s reprimand ofNatural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL) formarketing-affiliate improprieties as being far too light. The minoradmonishment, according to Natural Gas Clearinghouse (NGC), failedto provide adequate redress to the overall market, and producersand marketers victimized by the Midwest pipeline’s wrongdoing.

February 23, 1998
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