Colorado High Court Asked to Review Local Frack Ban Appeals

The Colorado Court of Appeals has asked the state’s high court to take jurisdiction over appeals of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) restrictions enacted by Longmont and Fort Collins, CO (see Shale Daily,Nov. 10, 2014).

August 19, 2015

Colorado Producers Attempting to Topple Fracking Bans

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) on Tuesday filed lawsuits against two of four cities that last month passed initiatives banning drilling, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), in their local jurisdictions (see Shale Daily, Nov. 18).

December 4, 2013

Colorado County Extends Drilling Ban by 18 Months

Despite protests by state officials and the energy industry, the Boulder (CO) County commission on Tuesday extended a 16-month drilling moratorium now in place by another 18 months, following the lead of the Boulder city council, which earlier this month imposed a one-year drilling permit ban (see Shale Daily, June 7).

June 21, 2013
Boulder, CO, City Council to Consider Drilling Moratorium

Boulder, CO, City Council to Consider Drilling Moratorium

Like other cities and its own county in Colorado, the Boulder City Council is set to consider two actions related to the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on open space within the city limits.

June 5, 2013