Culture Clash: PG&E Makes Historic Deal With AZ Tribe

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. wrote a new chapter in the energy industry’s continuing clashes with Native American tribes throughout the West on Thursday when its CEO traveled to the Arizona town of Topock on the Colorado River, which forms the border with California, to solidify an agreement and make a public apology to the Fort Mojave Tribe.

November 13, 2006

Oil Majors Want Assurances Before Production Resumes in Nigeria

ChevronTexaco Inc. (CVX) on Friday said it was unwilling to resume oil production in Nigeria after a series of ethnic clashes forced evacuation earlier this month. Royal Dutch/Shell Group stopped its production in the western Niger Delta last Wednesday, and also has not decided when to return to the region.

March 31, 2003

Hoecker Defends FERC First Progress

Reports that the year-old ‘FERC First’ effort is in disarray dueto clashes between contracted consulting firms over how to revampthe agency are completely unfounded, said Chairman James J. Hoeckerlast week.

January 11, 1999