Transportation Notes

PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest now expects Unit 5-C toreturn to service for June 1 operations, raising Kingsgate capacityto 2,360 MMcf/d. The return of Unit 7-C is scheduled for June 10,with Kingsgate reaching 2,520 MMcf/d.

May 26, 1999

Western Moving Forward on New California Pipeline

An open season for up to 100 MMcf/d of firm transportationcapacity in the Sacramento Delta region of northern California isset for May 10 through the end of June by Western Gas Resources(WGR), which is planning to make an existing gas pipeline,gathering and delivery system an open-access, state-regulatedoperation. The state regulatory process to make the change willbegin June 8 with a pre-hearing conference in San Francisco.

May 5, 1999

Transportation Note

Replacement of its A-Line north of Stanfield, OR, is keepingKingsgate capacity of PG&E GT-NW limited to 2,250 MMcf/d-370MMcf/d under the April norm-through Friday. Hydrostatic testing ofthe line at Station 6-A will further limit Kinggate to 2,190 MMcf/dApril 19-22.

April 15, 1999

Transportation Note

Florida Gas Transmission plans a smart pig run April 5-9 betweenStations 2 (Robstown, TX) and 3 (Port Lavaca, TX). The project willlimit capacity at these interconnects upstream of Station 3:Duke-Robstown (40 MMcf/d), Valero Nueces (35 MMcf/d) and MOPS (75MMcf/d).

March 12, 1999

Auctions Are a Non-Issue at Gas Industry Powwows

FERC’s proposed auction procedures for short-term capacity havebeen a virtual non-issue at the two bi-weekly sessions the gasindustry has held so far to discuss major FERC initiatives,industry sources say.

February 1, 1999

Yale Economist Would Disband FERC

There is zero probability the Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission can design a pipeline capacity auction that wouldefficiently operate in the marketplace, according to an eminenteconomist who suggested the best strategy would be to get rid ofFERC.

December 4, 1998

CIG, Paiute Planning New NV Pipeline

Coastal’s Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG), and Southwest Gassubsidiary Paiute Pipeline are holding an open season for capacityon a new pipeline to be built from northeast Utah to northernNevada. Jointly sponsored by CIG and Paiute, the Ruby Pipeline willextend more than 400 miles from CIG’s western terminus in UintahCounty, UT, to an interconnection with Paiute Pipeline near Elko,NV. The pipeline also will interconnect with the Kern RiverPipeline near its Dog Valley meter station south of Salt Lake Cityand will pass through the developing coalbed methane fields nearPrice, UT.

November 20, 1998

FERC Upholds Shipper-Must-Have-Title Policy

FERC yesterday flatly rejected a request by two Enron affiliatesfor a limited waiver of the capacity-release regulations and the”shipper must have title” policy that would enable them to transfertitle to gas being shipped on five New York State-bound pipelinesbefore the gas actually hits the market.

September 17, 1998

Transportation Note

Citing continuing reduction of capacity by unseasonably hightemperatures, PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest said it wouldagain be necessary to limit volumes today to 2,450 MMcf/d atKingsgate and to 1,870 MMcf/d at Station 14 (the last one upstreamof Malin) in order to return the system to optimum performance.

September 9, 1998

Amoco Expands Trinidad Deliveries

Amoco Energy Co. of Trinidad and Tobago completed an 18-monthproject to increase its gas capacity by 40% to support growingdomestic industrial demand at Point Lisas and Point Fortin. Amocoincreased its ability to provide gas locally to about 700 MMcf/d,primarily due to two successful new wells at the company’s existingFlamboyant structure off the southeast coast of Trinidad.

August 7, 1998