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LDCs Call for Removing SFV Rate Design

A group of 27 LDCs Monday proposed eliminating thestraight-fixed variable (SFV) rate design for all interstatepipelines in favor of a rate design for base or “recourse” servicethat recovers 35% of a pipeline’s fixed costs in the usage rate.

February 2, 1999

Merger Moratorium Sought by Munis

A group representing municipal- and government-owned utilitieslast week renewed its call for FERC to impose a moratorium onelectric utility mergers that threaten competition while theindustry is undergoing transition. At a minimum, it proposed thatthe Commission only approve mergers that could show “clearbenefits” that would result from such combinations.

August 31, 1998

Bulls vs. Bears: Call it a Tie on Friday

Friday was a day of tests at the New York Mercantile Exchange.The market pushed lower on the open to test support at $1.81 onlyto rebound in the hopes of knocking out resistance at $1.875.However, both attempts failed and the September contract was leftto close at $1.833, almost unchanged for the day.

August 10, 1998

ICF Kaiser: New Pipelines Will Impact Prices Nationwide

Dramatic spot price changes are expected throughout the U.S.over the next two years following the construction of proposedmajor gas pipeline projects and development of gas reserves tosupport them. A new analysis released yesterday at GasMart Power’98, NGI’s annual energy conference, by ICF Kaiser focuses on howprices and volumes would shift following several likelydevelopments: the construction of Alliance Pipeline along withexpansions of Foothills/Northern Border, construction of the Vectorand Millennium projects to move gas from Chicago to East Coastmarkets, completion of the Sable Island project and associatedMaritimes and Northeast Pipeline moving gas down the East Coast andincreased gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

May 7, 1998

Heavy Buying Leads to Heavy Futures Gains

Technically, you could call Tuesday’s price action at the NewYork Mercantile Exchange a rally. Not only because the spot Maycontract rose 9.2 cents to $2.561, but also because the marketmoved on strong technical buying. “Funds got back in the market ina big way,” a trader succinctly surmised, referring to an estimatedvolume figure which came in at more than 100,000 contractsyesterday.

April 22, 1998
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