CIG, Paiute Planning New NV Pipeline

Coastal’s Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG), and Southwest Gassubsidiary Paiute Pipeline are holding an open season for capacityon a new pipeline to be built from northeast Utah to northernNevada. Jointly sponsored by CIG and Paiute, the Ruby Pipeline willextend more than 400 miles from CIG’s western terminus in UintahCounty, UT, to an interconnection with Paiute Pipeline near Elko,NV. The pipeline also will interconnect with the Kern RiverPipeline near its Dog Valley meter station south of Salt Lake Cityand will pass through the developing coalbed methane fields nearPrice, UT.

November 20, 1998

Storm Threat, Futures Send Cash Quotes Soaring

Noticing continued futures strength and a growing threat of newstorm shut-ins in the Gulf of Mexico, cash prices built onTuesday’s gains with even bigger ones Wednesday. Increases oneither side of 20 cents were common at nearly all points. TheCalifornia market, far removed from Gulf storm influence, sawsmaller gains of about a dime, although a Malin rise of 13 centsnearly fulfilled one source’s prediction of up 20 cents there (seeDaily GPI, Sept. 16) based on Tuesday’s intra-Alberta pricestrength.

September 17, 1998

Aquila Swapping Gas for Power in MS

UtiliCorp subsidiary Aquila Energy contracted for the option toprovide gas in exchange for power at one of three combined cyclepower units being built in Batesville, MS, by LSP Energy LimitedPartnership. The unit is expected to go on line by summer of 2000.Under the initial 15-year agreement, Aquila will provide gas to runthe unit, and in exchange LSP will provide Aquila the power andelectrical capacity.

September 10, 1998

Westinghouse Launches Fuel Cell

Westinghouse reported last week that it had just built thelargest solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) generating system for a Dutchenergy distribution utility. The system, which runs on natural gas,is delivering 106 KW to the electric grid plus 80 KW of thermalpower to the area’s district heating system, according to thecompany. The unit is the first to integrate a natural gas reformerwithin the SOFC stack.

March 2, 1998
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