GISB Progress Surfs Internet’s Tidal Growth

Since mid-1995, exponential growth of the Internet has broughtthe number of pages on the World Wide Web from about seven millionto approximately 800 million by mid-1999, according to a statisticcited by Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) Executive Director RaeMcQuade.

September 28, 1999

Chevron Petitions Supreme Court

Chevron announced it has filed a petition asking the U.S.Supreme Court to hear a $742 million breach-of-contract case firstbrought upon Gulf Oil Co. in 1982 by Cities Service Co., which wasbought by Occidental in 1984. Dawn Soper, a Chevron spokesperson,said it is now up to the court to rule on the petition.

September 22, 1999

Independents Dominate Modest Gulf Lease Sale

Yesterday’s Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 174 brought inonly about one-sixth the amount of high bids the previous westernGulf sale garnered last year; however, a spokeswoman for oneindustry group downplayed the lackluster results.

August 26, 1999

Consultant to ANR Blasts Guardian

ANR Pipeline brought in a big gun this week to mow down theopposition to its proposed Wisconsin expansion project. It hiredformer Wisconsin Public Service Commission Chairman CharlesCicchetti, now a consultant with the Pacific Economics Group and abusiness professor at the University of Southern California, totout its project over others, particularly the competing GuardianPipeline.

July 13, 1999

Oil, Gas Industries are Y2K A-OK

The majority of the oil and gas industry – 94% – report theircomputer systems will be ready by Sept. 30th to deal with anyglitches that may be brought about by the change to a newmillennium, according to the latest survey conducted by the NaturalGas Council and the American Petroleum Institute (API). The entireindustry expects to be Y2K ready by the end of December.

July 12, 1999

Mitchell Settles Remaining TX Suits

Mitchell Energy & Development agreed to settle the lastremaining 25 North Texas groundwater lawsuits brought against acompany subsidiary. Plaintiffs alleged in the suits that Mitchell’soil and gas operations in Wise County, TX, affected theirgroundwater.

September 3, 1998
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