Awareness of Power Competition Grows in PA

A survey conducted by Promark Research Corp. between Aug. 23-25,with subsequent data analysis by Baselice & Associatesdetermined that 95% of Pennsylvanians are aware that they can orwill soon be able to choose their electric generation supplier.It’s a huge improvement for the Pennsylvania program when comparedwith a June survey that showed awareness 15 percentage pointslower. Nationwide awareness of electric restructuring is about 40%,according to another survey by Yankee Energy.

October 21, 1998

All Markets Rising for a Change, But Why?

For the first time in several trading days, there was nodivergence between Eastern and Western market directions Wednesday.It was up, up and away all around as nearly all points registeredgains of around a dime or higher.

October 15, 1998

Hebert Attack Raises Tensions at FERC

Tensions between Commissioner Curt Hebert Jr. and some fellowcommissioners, which have been rumored to be running high over thepast months, boiled over in the public meeting last week when thecombative regulator publicly labeled as “disingenu[ous] andintellectually dishonest” the majority’s decision in ahydroelectric dam decommissioning case.

September 21, 1998

SoCal Grapples with Role of New Power Merchants

Relationships are still in the developmental stages between thenation’s largest natural gas distributor, Southern California GasCo., and a new set of fossil fuel electric generation plant ownerswho bought a dozen plants totaling more than 8,000 MW of capacityand billions of cubic feet of natural gas load earlier this year.

August 3, 1998

Gas-Fired Power on the Rise in Florida

Florida’s electric utilities plan to add more than 10,580 MW ofnew generating capacity between now and 2007 to meet surgingdemand, the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council told thestate’s Public Service Commission.

July 29, 1998

Transportation Note

NGPL expected to complete maintenance between Stations 167 and169 on the Amarillo Mainline sometime Tuesday and was tentativelyscheduling nominations through the area for today’s gas day.

June 10, 1998

Major Marketer Bemoans Pace, Lack of Competition

In the battle between marketers and LDCs to restructure the gasindustry, commercial customers are being overlooked, according toKathleen Magruder, vice president of rates and tariffs for EnronEnergy Services (EES). “I had a regulator. say to me, ‘Well, ‘I’venever heard a commercial customer say they really want somechoice.’ So the next meeting I brought in 15 commercial customers.He was real unhappy.

May 29, 1998

PNGTS Work Site Dispute Settled

A U.S. federal court resolved a dispute between Portland NaturalGas Transmission System (PNGTS) and Central Maine Power (CMP) overthe use of a CMP right-of-way for the installation of PNGTS. PNGTSwas granted a motion for preliminary injunction filed against CMPin March. The court’s action gives PNGTS immediate possession ofthe property rights on CMP-owned electric transmission corridorsnecessary to install pipeline facilities approved by the FederalEnergy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

April 14, 1998

CIG Squares Off with Northwest in NV

Coastal’s Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG) is holding an openseason for a new interstate pipeline between its existing westernterminus in Uintah County, UT, and an interconnection with thePaiute Pipeline Co. system near Elko, NV. The pipe could becompetition to a project announced in January by Williams’Northwest Pipeline and Paiute.

March 24, 1998

Wisconsin PSC Approves V.Voyaguer Contracts

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Tuesday approved gassupply agreements between a coalition of state utilities and fourCanadian suppliers for up to 105 Bcf/year for five years to bedelivered through the proposed Viking Voyageur pipeline.

March 11, 1998
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