Williams Reaches Partial Settlement with Utes

As a precursor to an expected mid-April Supreme Court decisionon the Southern Ute Indian Tribe vs. BP Amoco rights and royaltycase, the Williams Cos., one of the defendants represented by BPAmoco, announced a partial settlement with the Southern Ute tribeThursday. The settlement released the Williams subsidiary involvedin the trial, Williams Production Co., from all claims included inthe lawsuit, but did not address key ownership issues.

March 26, 1999

CA’s First Merchant Gas Storage Set to Open

Wild Goose Storage, California’s first merchant natural gasstorage facility, is set to begin operations April 1, at the sametime the state’s second merchant storage project gets a publicairing of its 18 Bcf proposal.

March 15, 1999

Transportation Note

Florida Gas Transmission plans a smart pig run April 5-9 betweenStations 2 (Robstown, TX) and 3 (Port Lavaca, TX). The project willlimit capacity at these interconnects upstream of Station 3:Duke-Robstown (40 MMcf/d), Valero Nueces (35 MMcf/d) and MOPS (75MMcf/d).

March 12, 1999

Rehearing of EDI Rules Sought by Gas Groups

Four major gas associations last week urged FERC to reconsider”as soon as possible” an April rule requiring interstate pipelinesto conduct electronic communication using only electronic datainterchange (EDI) over the Internet by June 1, 1999.

August 31, 1998

TransCanada, Nova Merger Clears Hurdles

As expected following the landmark gas accord in Canada in thefirst week of April, it has been smooth sailing for the merger ofTransCanada and Nova Corp. The Alberta Energy and Utilities Boardgave its blessing to the deal this week. And the companies said theCanadian Competition Bureau has completed its review of thetransaction without requesting alterations.

May 21, 1998


The following is a clarification of a story titled “NGC’sCapacity Posting,” which ran in Daily GPI, April 22: Thecalculations and conclusions described in the story were totallythose of Michael J. Harris of the Reed Consulting Group ascontained in a FERC filing made by the producers protesting the NGCcapacity contracts on El Paso. The Prebon Energy brokerage housemade no predictions. A footnote to the filing says Prebon, whichhas offices in Jersey City, NJ, and Houston, supplied futurequotes at a specific time – 11:30 a.m. on March 30 – of the SanJuan Basin-California border basis differential. The quoted remarksregarding the expected San Juan-SoCal basis differential for thefuture and the attractiveness of the NGC capacity to other shipperswere those of Harris and the Reed Consulting group. Further Prebonsays it did not give basis information to Mr. Harris or the ReedConsulting Group but that the basis information attributed toPrebon was supplied by one of the parties to the filing. NGIregrets the error.

April 23, 1998

FERC to Hold Conference on ISOs

FERC has scheduled a public conference for April 15-16 toexamine the future of ISOs in administering the electrictransmission grid on a regional basis. The Commission isconsidering whether policy changes are necessary “in order topromote competition and reliability in bulk power markets.”

March 16, 1998

Consumers Expands Retail Program

Consumers Energy will expand its “Gas Customer Choice” retailprogram this April to 100,000 customers state-wide in Michigan,following a one-year pilot that allowed 500 customers in Bay Countyto pick another natural gas supplier. In all, 300,000 customerswill be given a choice of suppliers over the next three years.

March 2, 1998
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