It’s a Go for Alliance In the U.S., FERC Says

Over the din of protesters, especially soon-to-be competitorNatural Gas Pipeline Co. of America (NGPL), FERC last week deniedthe majority of rehearing requests and awarded Alliance PipelineL.P. its long-awaited optional certificate to build a majortransportation link between western Canadian production fields andthe U.S. Midwest.

September 21, 1998

INGAA Proposes Landowner Notices

Attempting to head off proposed federal legislation, theInterstate Natural Gas Association of America has proposed new FERCprocedures requiring pipelines to notify affected landowners aboutnew construction plans on the first business day after filing acertificate application.

September 18, 1998

Natural’s Negotiated-Rate Plan ‘Premature’

FERC earlier this week rejected Natural Gas Pipeline Company ofAmerica’s (NGPL) proposal to implement negotiated rates on itssystem, saying that such a move would be “premature” until it couldact on the pipeline’s proposed auction procedures that are pendingas part of a comprehensive settlement.

September 2, 1998

NGPL Discount Plan Gets Nod from FERC

Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America’s (NGPL) proposal tospecify certain types of discounts in its tariff and avoid seekingFERC approval for each transaction won a partial victory last week.But nearly similar proposals of three El Paso Energy pipelines wererejected, and the trio was told to try again.

August 5, 1998

Enron Exits NM Residential Gas Market

New Mexico is the latest state to be labeled unfit forresidential energy marketing by Enron Corp., North America’slargest wholesale energy marketing firm. As in other states, suchas California, where Enron came to a similar conclusion, thecompany plans to continue participating in commercial andindustrial energy marketing. But the regulatory structure will makeit difficult, if not impossible, to compete profitably against theincumbent gas supplier, Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM),Enron said.

July 29, 1998

INGAA Supports OCSLA Oversight in Gulf

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) isexpected to file a comprehensive plan today asking FERC to exertlighter handed regulation over all pipeline facilities in the Gulfof Mexico.

July 16, 1998

NGSA, IPAA Blast Clinton Offshore Ban

The Natural Gas Supply Association and Independent PetroleumAssociation of America made their displeasure clear over PresidentBill Clinton’s decision last week to extend a moratorium onoffshore drilling. “Cleaner air and increased use of affordable,clean-burning natural gas depend on access to the large natural gasfields off the nation’s coasts,” said NGSA President Nicholas Bush.”Continuing today’s severe restrictions on offshore natural gasproduction is simply not in the nation’s best interest.”

June 15, 1998


The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) saidmember companies plan to complete their Year 2000 (Y2K) computeranalysis, modification and testing by October and will havecontingencies in place should the new millennium bring problems.

June 12, 1998

U.S. Efforts to Remove Mexico Gas Tariff Shelved

Given the level of opposition south of the border, theInterstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) said itsplans to forego for the next couple of years its efforts topersuade Mexico to lift its tariff on natural gas.

June 10, 1998

INGAA, Canadian Group Explore Possible Merger

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) andthe Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) currently areeyeing a number of restructuring options – one of which is tocombine the two groups into a single pipeline association,officials said. INGAA is looking south of the border as well tostrengthen its ties with Mexico.

May 21, 1998