CPUC Slaps PG&E with $1.68M Fine

In an attempt to deter other utilities in the state, Californiaregulators Nov. 5 slapped a $1.68 million fine on Pacific Gas andElectric Co. for allowing an unregulated energy services affiliateto violate newly created state rules earlier this year governingthe use of the parent company name and logo. The PG&ampE utilitycompany expressed disappointment and vowed to appeal the decision,which requires the penalty be paid out of shareholder funds.

November 9, 1998

South Jersey Expands Residential Choice

South Jersey Gas received approval from the New Jersey Board ofPublic Utilities to expand its residential transportation programallowing 12,500 more customers to select an independent natural gasmarketer. “Last year, 13,000 customers tested the uncharted watersof deregulation by signing up with an independent marketer,” saidCharles Biscieglia, president of South Jersey. “Finding ways tohelp our customers reduce energy costs is important to us andanything we can do to create a potential for savings is a positivestep.” Enrollment for the expanded program closes July 31, 1999.South Jersey serves 260,000 residential, commercial and industrialcustomers in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, and significantportions of Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties.

June 26, 1998

$6.6 Billion PE, Enova Merger Passes CPUC Review

California regulators have approved the $6.6 billion merger ofPacific Enterprises and Enova Corp., allowing the formation of acompany that will serve 21 million gas and electric consumers inSouthern California. But the merger partners did not get all theyrequested. The CPUC ruled merger savings of $174.9 million must bereturned to ratepayers and savings of $161.5 million returned toshareholders over the five years following completion of the mergerrather than over 10 years

March 27, 1998

Tennessee Allowed to Reserve Capacity for Expansions

Subject to certain conditions and a pending a technicalconference, FERC has approved a plan (RP98-140-000) allowingTennessee Gas Pipeline to reserve unused pipeline capacity, sellingit under short-term contracts, up to one year if the capacity canbe used to support a proposed expansion project. The tariff changewas made effective by the Commission on March 25

March 27, 1998
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