Northern Allowed to Hold Third-Party Capacity

FERC last week changed its tune and cleared the way for NorthernNatural Gas to acquire off-system, interruptible capacity fromthird-party pipelines. On rehearing of a July order, the Commissionfound that since Northern Natural sought the IT capacity to augmentits own operations, rather than for the purpose of re-marketing it,its request did not raise the concerns cited in a 1997 TexasEastern Transmission (Tetco) case.

December 31, 1998

Tennessee Allowed to Reserve Capacity for Expansions

Subject to certain conditions and a pending a technicalconference, FERC has approved a plan (RP98-140-000) allowingTennessee Gas Pipeline to reserve unused pipeline capacity, sellingit under short-term contracts, up to one year if the capacity canbe used to support a proposed expansion project. The tariff changewas made effective by the Commission on March 25

March 27, 1998
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