Foreign Acquisitions of U.S. Utilities Get FERC Nod

The foreign invasion of the U.S. electric utility market got abig shot in the arm yesterday when the Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission approved two separate transactions valued at $10-$11billion.

June 17, 1999

CMS Settles with FTC, Acquisitions to Close Soon

CMS Energy settled Federal Trade Commission charges on Fridaythat threaten to hold up its acquisition of Panhandle Eastern andTrunkline Pipeline from Duke Energy. The FTC charged the purchasewould limit pipeline competition in 54 counties in Michigan. Thesettlement allows CMS to close the deal basically unchanged, but itdid delay the closing by many weeks, a CMS official said.

March 22, 1999

Scarcity of Suitable Gas Partners Driving M&As

The pace of announced mergers and acquisitions (M&ampA) haspicked up steam in the last few weeks because electric utilitiesare realizing that the pool of potential natural gas targets isquickly dwindling, according to a Merrill Lynch &amp Co. report.

March 8, 1999

Dominion Fishes Deals Upstream and Down

Fanning the flames of the convergence-consolidation bonfire,Dominion Resources (DRI) last week announced two plannedacquisitions that would add both wellheads and burner tips, not tomention assets in between.

March 1, 1999

Vastar: Producing More, Earning Less

Despite record fourth-quarter production, Vastar Resourcesreported 1998 earnings that were down 43% from the previous year.Last year’s earnings were $136.4 million, compared to $240.5million in 1997.

January 21, 1999

Texaco Joins Ranks of Producer Cost-Cutters

Texaco joined the growing crowd of producers revising downwardcapital expenditures for 1999. The company said its 1999 capexwould total $3.7 billion, including subsidiaries and affiliates,down $600 million from its original $4.3 billion plan. Chevron,Arco and Unocal announced similar reductions last month.

January 11, 1999

Oneok Pays $54 Million for 75 Bcfe Reserves

Oneok completed two reserve acquisitions totaling $54 millionwith estimated proven reserves that could exceed 75 Bcfe. Bothdeals are for primarily natural gas reserves in Oklahoma. Acash-for-stock agreement was made to acquire the privately heldOklahoma properties of Anderman Oil Corp., AOL Holdings Inc., andMohan Petroleum Oklahoma Inc. The purchase price is $28.5 million,subject to certain adjustments, with an effective date of Aug. 1,1998. Oneok also will acquire properties from St. Mary Land &Exploration Co. for $25.5 million, subject to adjustments, with aneffective date of Sept. 1.

November 20, 1998

Mitchell Grows Reserves With TX Acquisitions

Mitchell Energy & Development has grown its gas reserves toan all-time high and increased combined oil and gas reserves bynearly 10% over the last six months by acquiring producingproperties in Limestone and Colorado counties in Texas.

August 26, 1998

Devon Energy Plans to Acquire Canada’s Northstar

The trend of Canadian producer acquisitions by U.S. companiescontinued Tuesday with the announcement that Devon Energy Corp.agreed to acquire Canada’s Northstar Energy Corp. and create anevenly balanced oil and gas producer with 53% of its reserves inthe U.S. and 47% in Canada.

July 1, 1998
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