Chesapeake Caves to Shareholders; Utica Acreage For Sale

Ahead of the annual shareholder meeting on Friday, Chesapeake Energy Corp. acquiesced to demands of major shareholder groups and Carl Icahn, who now holds 7.8% of the stock, and said four existing independent directors would resign from the board. The company also has put up for sale 337,481 net acres in its prized Utica/Point Pleasant Shale, which would give it less than one million acres in the play.

June 5, 2012

TotalFina Wins Bid to Acquire Elf Aquitaine

In the energy industry’s version of a pas de deux, France’slargest oil company, TotalFina, and Elf Aquitaine last weekacquiesced to a friendly merger after a two-month tussle over whowould acquire whom.

September 20, 1999

Kansas Pipeline Becomes Jurisdictional

Putting an end to several years of squabbling, Kansas PipelineCo. has acquiesced to FERC jurisdiction but only on the conditionthat the Commission grandfather the existing, state-approved ratesin its contracts until it is ordered to file a Section 4 rate case.

March 11, 1998