Vector, Tristate Eye Consolidating Projects

The sponsors of Canadian-bound Vector Pipeline and TristatePipeline have been discussing the possibility of combining the twoprojects, but so far no agreement has been reached, according to aspokesman for one of the sponsors.

September 16, 1998

Retail Gas Competition Shows Some Signs of Life in CA

Retail gas competition is starting to pick up speed inCalifornia despite continued consumer apathy, according to a surveyof the state’s three gas distribution utilities released last week.

June 15, 1998

Small Gains Dominate, but Gulf Coast Retreating Late

Thursday was an excellent day to pursue a sell-early, buy-latestrategy in the Gulf Coast, according to a marketer. He saw TranscoStation 65, Henry Hub and TGT SL uniformly start around $2 even,then get up to $2.03 before falling back to the mid $1.90s in lateactivity. He thought the early cash strength was based on thescreen rising a few cents, but a lack of fundamental demand failedto support the upticks

June 12, 1998

EIA Sees Pipeline Capacity, Utilization Up

The capacity of natural gas pipelines reached an all-time highof more than 84 Bcf/d or 30.7 Tcf/year in 1997, according to areported released Friday by the Energy Information Administration.”This represents a 15% increase over installed capacity reported in1990,” EIA said in a report: “Deliverability on the InterstateNatural Gas Pipeline System.” Flowing gas increased 24% between1990 and 1996, resulting in a record high 75% utilization rate,while U.S. consumption grew by 17%, fed by a doubling of imports.U.S. production increased 6%.

May 18, 1998

Wholesale Changes Showing Up in Wholesale Power

An analysis of power marketing sales shows early signs ofconsolidation among power marketers, according to CarolynPengidore, managing director of energy risk management for ArthurAndersen. “I think we’re seeing wholesale changes in the wholesalemarket,” she told the Gas Mart/Power ’98 audience. “The fourthquarter brought a reshuffling among industry leaders based on salesvolume. I’ve called this a race because the leaders have changed ina single quarter,” said Pengidore.

May 11, 1998

Price Rout Has Suppliers Hollering ‘Mayday!’

May 1 is known as May Day, celebrated as a springtime festivalin some countries, according to Webster’s. But Friday must haveseemed like “Mayday” (international distress call) to many tradersas they watched cash prices crumble to levels that were virtuallyunimaginable last month. A few Gulf Coast points were sinking below$2 in widely ranging quotes.

May 4, 1998

Northern Border Will Jiggle Market

The coming Foothills/Northern Border expansion will impact gasprices and gas flows in several ways, according to a new report byPIRA Energy Group. Foothills/Northern Border will carry 700 MMcf/dfrom Alberta to the Midwest. Completion is expected Nov. 1.

April 30, 1998
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