Market Takes Back Gains; Resumes Downtrend

All indications pointed to the futures market continuing higheron Wednesday: gains posted in the Tuesday evening Access session, awell bid over the counter market Wednesday morning, and inertiacoming off two days of advances. But when the market openedyesterday a vital component was missing, prompting a beleagueredbull to say “the buyers just didn’t show up [Wednesday] morning.”The September contract meandered down from its open, slipping 2.2cents to close at $2.873.

August 6, 1998

GRI Tests Market for Investments in 14 Research Offerings

The Gas Research Institute rolled out the first line of targetedresearch offerings, in which companies can gain proprietary accessto technical solutions by forming a partnership with GRI andproduct manufacturers. It is GRI’s first step into the commercialworld where research is determined by market need.

June 24, 1998
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