BP Amoco-ARCO Pairing Finally Gets FTC Nod

The Federal Trade Commission finally smiled upon the merger ofBP Amoco and ARCO yesterday, accepting sweeping divestitures inAlaska as assurance the companies’ pairing will not beanti-competitive. The merger was first announced just over a yearago (see Daily GPI, April 5, 1999).

April 14, 2000

Transportation Notes

Northwest resumed accepting physical receipts Tuesday from the ClayBasin storage facility after having rejected them for Monday’s gasday. In a late Friday afternoon bulletin board posting, the pipelinesaid that due to an “inordinate amount” of liquid hydrocarbons stillbeing received from the Questar Pipeline-operated facility (see DailyGPI, Feb. 14), Northwest’s ability tomeet obigations for deliveries to downstream pipeline interconnects ormarkets was in jeopardy. Although no physical Clay Basin receipts wereallowed Monday, Questar and Pipeline agreed to limit non-physicalnominations to 80,000 Dth/d until further notice “subject toavailability of offsetting physical balancing receipts at anotherlocation” south of the Kemmerer (WY) Station. On Monday Northwestfield operation crews were able to complete removal of the condensateliquids that had built up at the Green River (WY), where afilter/separator previously was being overwhelmed by the liquids. Thatallowed Tuesday’s resumption of physical receipts, Northwest said, butshould liquids again start accumulating at unacceptable levels, itwill shut in Clay Basin receipts on 24 hours’ notice. Unlike what wasreported in the Feb. 14 Daily GPI, this time the notice could beissued on a weekend, Northwest said.

February 23, 2000

Transportation Notes

MRT lifted Wednesday an OFO affecting interruptible gas north ofthe Glendale, AR, Station (see Daily GPI,Jan. 5).

January 6, 2000

Gulf RIK to Begin With 260 MMcf/d

The federal government will begin accepting royalty-in-kind(RIK) for some Gulf of Mexico gas production beginning Dec. 1 inwhat will be the Minerals Management Service’s (MMS) third ongoingRIK pilot.

October 11, 1999
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