Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) price indexes, which have included Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Data since 2008, currently have the most robust base of volumes and deals of any published natural gas price indexes available (see charts).

We have received several inquiries lately on whether the recently announced agreement between Platts and ICE, whereby Platts will receive natural gas spot market data from ICE to include in their own index calculations, will somehow place NGI’s own spot market price reporting at a disadvantage.

The answer is no. Consistent with our published Price Methodology, NGI has been receiving daily and bidweek price data from ICE since 2008, which incorporated with the direct-reported company price data, has put NGI’s volumes and number of deals well above those of our competition. By terms of our contract with ICE, we will continue to receive the data from the ICE trading platform indefinitely, and have received assurances from ICE that we will also receive transaction data from eConfirm. As a result, the only changes we expect to see to NGI’s daily and bidweek spot market tables will be a slight increase in reports from the future inclusion of eConfirm data.

We will continue to include in our price determination process deals provided by companies who are parties to the trade (direct-reported company price data) and, as we have over the past nine years, remove any duplication with the ICE information through a protocol we have devised for that purpose. We encourage companies to continue to report all of their “reportable” deals consistent with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s guidelines.

NGI is a leading provider of natural gas and shale news/market data to the energy industry. Since the first issue of Natural Gas Intelligence was published in 1981, NGI has provided key natural gas pricing, news and analysis relied upon daily by thousands of industry participants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Since the company’s inception, NGI has never missed a deadline.

NGI’s team of thought leaders are located across the country, including Dulles, Virginia (our headquarters), Houston, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Calgary and Mexico City. NGI is a woman-owned family business with founder and principal owner Ellen Beswick (Steis) at the helm.

We hope this alleviates any concerns you may have. For more information on NGI’s Data, visit /NGI_Data. If you wish to discuss this further, or if you have any questions for us, please contact either Dexter Steis ( (703) 318-8848 or Patrick Rau ( (347) 385-8412. We welcome your feedback.