STW Resources Holding Corp. announced Monday that it has launched a subsidiary to focus on water management solutions for the oil and gas industry and other customers, primarily servicing Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Midland, TX-based STW said subsidiary STW Water Process & Technologies would offer a turnkey solution for customers’ water issues, with technology to process produced and flowback water from drilling. STW Water would also process brackish water for oilfield use, eliminating the need for fresh water for drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations.

STW Water is to be headed by President Alan Murphy, who has more than 20 years of experience working in engineering, design, operations, management, project oversight and construction at municipal, industrial and commercial wastewater treatment facilities throughout Texas.

“He has in-depth technical knowledge about various innovative technologies, especially different types of membrane filtration systems, thermal technologies, water recovery, reuse, reclamation processes, brine discharge treatment systems and others,” STW stated, adding that Murphy has been involved with more than “300 water reclamation and municipal facilities in Texas and [more than] 1,000 systems worldwide.”

According to STW, its new subsidiary is in various phases of contract negotiation and design of systems for customers in the oil and gas industry, but also among municipalities and industrial customers.

STW Water’s business model as owner/operator “allows our team to provide custom built facilities based on the customers’ requirements for a service fee,” Murphy said. He claimed that the company is environmentally friendly and uses several technologies. “By deploying ‘green’ technology when certain STW projects require zero liquid discharge and the use of no chemicals, STW is a leader in water solutions and preserving the environment.”

STW Resources CEO Stanley Weiner said the subsidiary would provide “water processing systems and services at a ‘no upfront cost’ business model to the customer. Water is processed to the specifications provided by the customer on a per bbl or per 1,000 gallons fee basis.

“We will also enter into joint ventures with our customers where they own equity in the systems or we will sell them the systems outright. STW will oversee the engineering, procurement and construction, as well as own and operate the facilities, and/or provide ongoing maintenance and service.”

Last February subsidiary STW Pipeline Maintenance & Construction completed two gas pipelines, measuring five and eight miles in length, in the Midland area of West Texas (see Daily GPI, Feb. 20). STW Pipeline has also been awarded a contract for a third pipeline, also eight miles in length, in West Texas.