Spire Inc., the fifth largest publicly traded natural gas company in the United States, announced it is joining Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition to help reduce methane emissions to 1% or less by 2025.

ONE Future, currently made up of 37 operators working toward the same goal, was originally formed in 2014 to reduce the average rate of methane emissions to 1% or less by 2025 across the entire natural gas value chain.

“We are excited to join this diverse mix of peers to collaboratively reduce methane emissions and collectively report on our success,” said Spire CEO Suzanne Sitherwood. “We believe that natural gas has an important role to play in the transition to a low-carbon future. Partnerships like ONE Future help solidify that role and will help guide us to be a carbon neutral company.”

Last July, Spire announced that it was committing to reduce methane emissions by 53% by 2025 and become carbon-neutral by midcentury. The St. Louis-based operator said the partnership with ONE Future builds on the environmental pledges. 

Additionally, Spire said emissions have fallen by more than 39% since 2005, with roughly a 54% reduction projected for 2025. 

“The innovative efforts of the ONE Future Coalition allow us to build consensus views on new ways to reduce emissions,” said COO Steve Lindsey. “Partnering with like-minded companies is essential to reducing our industry’s environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable energy future for generations to come.”

Since ONE Future began publishing its yearly reports on methane intensity in 2017, it has surpassed an annual 1% goal to cut carbon. In the 2019 Methane Intensity Report issued late last year, the coalition registered a figure of 0.33%, meaning members contributed to about one-third of 1% of all methane emissions from natural gas produced and delivered. 

As a member of the coalition, Spire would report its 2020 methane results as part of the transmission, storage, and distributions sectors. The company will also hold a seat on the board.