Two subsidiaries of Spectra Energy Partners LP filed an application with FERC on Friday for the $99.6 million Stratton Ridge Expansion Project, which would deliver 322,000 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity from multiple receipt points in Texas to the Gulf Coast.

According to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission records, Stratton Ridge “is part of Texas Eastern’s plan to develop firm bi-directional transportation service to connect diverse supply basins with emerging Gulf Coast markets” [CP17-57]. Texas Eastern held an open season in September 2014 before executing a precedent agreement — with a primary term of at least 20 years — with Toshiba Corp. for all of the project’s capacity.

The project would provide firm transportation service from receipt points in Access Area South Texas, Access Area East Texas, and Market Zone 1 to a delivery point at Stratton Ridge, in Brazoria County, TX.

Specifically, Texas Eastern proposes to build the Angleton Compressor Station, which would include 12,500 horsepower of compression and a new meter and regulatory station, at an existing site owned by the company in Brazoria County. It would also build a 0.5-mile, 30-inch diameter discharge pipe between the Angleton station and Brazoria’s intrastate natural gas pipeline system.

The project also calls for piping and other modifications to compression facilities for reduction of air emissions at the Mont Belvieu Compressor Station in Chambers County, TX; a new pressure regulator on the suction side of Texas Eastern’s existing Joaquin Compressor Station in Shelby County, TX; piping modifications to existing launcher and receiver sites along Texas Eastern’s existing Line 11 at three compressor stations; and new 24-inch crossover piping and a valve to replace the existing 16-inch crossover piping and a valve between Lines 11 and 17 in Lavaca County, TX.

Texas Eastern requested that FERC approve the project on or before Dec. 4, so that it will be able to meet a target in-service date of Feb. 1, 2019.

Last week, FERC issued a flurry of certification orders before the departure of Commissioner Norman Bay. The Commission currently does not have a quorum.