Southern Exposure: Gas-Fired Generators Rising in the Southeast; But Will Northeast Gas Show Up? (published June 9, 2016)

This 9-page report offers a deep dive into the sea of new natural gas-fired power projects in the Southeast aiming to take advantage of bountiful supplies of low-priced shale gas. But how much gas, and how will it get there?

The currently proposed Marcellus-to-Southeast takeaway pipelines could fundamentally change regional flow dynamics. But will unrelenting opposition by anti-pipeline activists delay these projects and leave the region capacity constrained, driving up spot prices and pushing gas back out of the power stack?

Referenced in the report:
Dominion | Duke Energy | NextEra | Southern Company | EQT | Piedmont Natural Gas
AGL Resources | Williams and more...

The Report Includes:

  • Insights and analysis from key market participants
  • A detailed rundown of the gas-related infrastructure projects planned in the Southeast through 2021, including both pipelines and electric generation projects
  • Analysis of recent and future changes in flow patterns for the Southeast, focusing on Transco, the region's main interstate pipe
  • A look at Southeast utility planning and fuel mix outlooks
  • Discussion of the future role of the Marcellus and Utica in supplying the Southeast
  • A breakdown of how proposed carbon regulations could impact Southeast power sector demand

"We have a sort of pessimistic view of any of these pipes coming online on time. Your major greenfields like Rover, Nexus...Mountain Valley, Atlantic Coast Pipeline, although we don't see it as quite as risky as building into New England, they're still going to face opposition in Virginia, and then beyond just regulatory risk, there's the sheer construction challenges of building across the Appalachian mountains." - Matthew Hoza, Analyst, BTU Analytics

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