• Shale Daily service to incorporate all Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) news and analysis
  • Service going 100% web-based, no longer offering PDF distribution
  • Access Shale Daily news, prices and data via NGI’s website, e-newsletter and channel partners

Starting April 17, 2023, NGI’s Shale Daily service will include access to more NGI-created news and analysis articles on www.naturalgasintel.com.

NGI Notice

Since NGI debuted Shale Daily for the North American market in 2010, the natural gas production matrix has continued to evolve, and with the rapid rise of LNG, the market has transitioned from being “producer push” to “demand pull.” 

“U.S. shale production has grown from a niche market to being mainstream,” said Patrick Rau, Director of Strategy & Research at NGI. “After all, nearly 80% of the total dry natural gas production in the U.S. in 2021 came from shale formations – accounting for 27.2 Tcf – according to the EIA. Our services will support this production matrix.”

With this change, Shale Daily subscribers will continue to be able to access NGI Shale Daily Prices, as well as all of NGI’s North American natural gas coverage – increasing your news access by 300%, and offering a broader, more-cohesive perspective of how the natural gas market is moving. 

Transitioning to a completely web-based service, this increased coverage will sunset the PDF newsletter, and Shale Daily subscribers will access the service via the NGI website, e-newsletter and channel partners.

For subscribers with questions or comments, please contact your sales representative at sales@naturalgasintel.com.


Alex Steis