Lower 48 independent Range Resources Corp. on Wednesday unveiled an emissions goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025.

The Fort Worth, TX-based exploration and production (E&P) company said in its 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report it has reduced absolute GHG emissions by 47% since 2017. It also has recycled 147% of produced water volumes and achieved an 80% reduction in GHG emissions intensity since 2011.

“The dedication of our employees to environmental stewardship has driven substantial environmental and operational efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings,” said CEO Jeff Ventura. “Given our vast energy resources, low breakeven costs and best-in-class environmental efforts, Range will continue to play a key role in safely supplying cleaner, abundant energy while providing value for all stakeholders through a sustainable approach to our work.”

The E&P’s medium-term goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2025 through continuing emissions reductions and carbon offsets associated with reforestation and forest management. As an additional interim goal, Range intends by 2025 to further reduce GHG emissions intensity relative to 2019 levels by 15%.

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To achieve its goals, Range plans to invest in technologies and engineering solutions, implement emissions reduction practices, and develop improved methods to verify emissions through measurements. 

According to the report, Range employs several initiatives to attempt to minimize its emissions. For example, the E&P uses electric-driven motor compressors in place of combustion-driven units. Range also uses electric-powered fracture fleets when possible. 

Range’s announcement to achieve net zero emissions comes as other natural gas marketers, pipeline operators, and utilities have unveiled similar plans.