Bidweek Datafeed

first-of-month natural gas pricing data for 150+ locations in North America

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One of only two price reporting agencies that include Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) data to determine North American natural gas price indexes, NGI's Bidweek Datafeed delivers affordable, trustworthy monthly natural gas pricing available via API.
Why subscribe:
  • First-of-month (Bidweek) physical spot natural gas price indexes at 150+ locations in North America
  • Benchmark pricing for Chicago and California markets
  • High-quality, competitively priced natural gas price index alternative.
  • Deep and robust historical data available back to 1988
  • FERC-approved Price Reporting Agency
  • Utilized by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
  • Data are available in a choice of computer-friendly formats, allowing users to save time from data entry and reduce the risk of human error
How to access:

Who should subscribe:

  • Natural gas analysts, marketers and traders
  • Accounting, settlement, compliance and risk professionals
  • LDCs, utilities, and electric generators
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