Price Reporting

Guide to Providing Data to Natural Gas Intelligence

To improve the quality of the natural gas price survey data and to comply with the FERC's July 2003 policy statement, NGI is asking that data providers adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Report all negotiated, fixed-price, non-affiliate natural gas transactions for both daily "incremental" and monthly (bidweek) "baseload" delivery.
    1. Daily data includes all fixed price deals done each business day (where a business day is any day the IntercontinentalExchange offers trading of daily/next day physical gas) before the 12:30 p.m. EPT pipeline nomination deadline for gas to flow the next day or over the weekend, as is the case Fridays.
    2. Monthly bidweek data includes transactions done at the end of each month for gas to be delivered for the entire following month. A five-day bidweek trading period is defined according to the expiration day of each Nymex futures contract. Specifically, it includes the two business days prior to the day of expiration, the day of expiration, and the two business days following the expiration date. If you have questions about which days comprise bidweek, please give us a call at 703.318.8848.
    3. Nymex physical basis deals done during bidweek should be denoted as such and included.
  2. Each transaction should be listed separately and should include the following:
    1. trading location
    2. transaction date
    3. beginning flow date
    4. ending flow date (may be the same as beginning flow date)
    5. volume
    6. price ($/MMBtu or C$/Gigajoule for Canadian trading locations)
    7. buy/sell indicator*
    8. counterparty*
  3. Provide data from a central, mid- or back- office reporting source within the company.
  4. Data providers should make all reasonable efforts to send price data to by 4:00 p.m. (EPT) on the business day before the beginning flow date of the data being submitted. Data submitted after 4:00 p.m. (EPT) will be included at the editor's discretion. (Because we understand that data providers may be submitting data to more than one index provider, NGI does not impose any specific file format or specificity pertaining to how the data is arranged within the file.)
  5. List the contact information of data provider representatives that can answer questions about the data.
  6. If the data provider becomes aware of errors or omissions to submitted data within three business days, the data provider should make reasonable efforts to notify NGI of those errors or omissions. To submit a correction, email with a corrected data submission in the same or similar format as the original submission.


*In the interests of receiving data from the broadest selection of data providers in the near term, NGI currently is not requiring that buy/sell or counterparty information be included. Going forward however, NGI believes that this information, along with the other criteria outlined in this guide are in the best interest of market transparency and price index accuracy.

A copy of NGI's Code of Conduct and Price Index Methodology is available here: NGI Price Methodology

NGI is willing to enter into an agreement protecting the confidential nature of the price data. For a copy of this document or for more information on the data submission process, please contact Dexter Steis at 703-318-8848.