The Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland (PJM) IndependentSystem Operator (ISO) has received approval for transmissionfacilities to interconnect over 40 new power generating sources tothe grid. In a meeting Aug. 1, the board of managers of PJMInterconnection approved the remaining elements of what is to bethe first coordinated regional transmission expansion under the PJMISO structure.

The proposed new power projects include over 15,000 MW of newcapacity that will be added to the region’s grid, proposed to be inservice between 2000 and 2005. The added electricity output willhelp to provide reliability within the region, as well as increasecompetition within the PJM markets.

All plans for expansion are reviewed publicly through the PJMTransmission Expansion Advisory Committee which allows for theopportunity of stakeholder input. PJM has developed a process fortransmission expansion as part of its responsibilities. Itsregional planning process is to ensure every need is met for firmtransportation service. It is currently the only regional planningsystem approved by FERC in the nation.

The ISO has received requests for over 150 power generatingprojects since its inception. Projects are reviewed on a first-comefirst-serve basis by PJM’s System Planning Department. The list ofprojects can be viewed on the PJM web site,, under theheading generation interconnection

PJM’s has more than 58,000 MW of capacity, over 190 members, andis responsible for almost 8% of the country’s electric power.

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