FERC last week gave Petal Gas Storage the go-ahead to double thecertificated capacity of its storage facilities in Mississippi to10.4 Bcf. Petal Gas would accomplish this by drilling, leaching anddeveloping a second underground salt dome storage cavern identicalto its existing cavern. The proposed storage cavern would have thesame certificated capacity as the existing cavern (5.2 Bcf), andboth would have a combined actual working gas capacity of 5.8 Bcf.

Gas could be injected into the combined storage facilities at anaverage rate of 160 MMcf/d, allowing shippers to fill the workinggas capacity in 40 days. And it could be withdrawn from the twocaverns at an average rate of 640 MMcf/d, enabling shippers to pullout their gas completely in 10 days.

Susan Parker

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