Permian Net Acreage Positions

                                 Last Updated: December 2013
Company Net Acres
Occidental Petroleum 1,745,000
Apache* 1,600,000
Chevron 1,500,000
Devon Energy 1,300,000
ConocoPhillips 1,100,000
Pioneer Resources 640,000
Concho Resources 630,000
Shell 618,000
Cimarex 437,693
BHP Billiton 433,000
ExxonMobil 400,000
Anadarko Petroleum 330,000
EOG Resources 320,000
Energen 300,000
Clayton Williams 170,000
FireWheel Energy LLC 150,000
Approach Resources 148,000
EP Energy 138,130
Whiting Petroleum 128,317
Linn Energy1 104,000
Broad Oak Energy 65,000
Diamondback Energy 65,000
Forest Oil 63,500
Vanguard Natural Resources* 61,415
Berry Petroleum 60,000
CrownQuest 60,000
EXCO Resources 46,712
Abraxas Petroleum 42,092
Callon Petroleum 32,600
W&T Offshore 30,900
Range Resources2 30,000
Antares Energy 29,880
ENI 26,250
Quicksilver Resources 26,250
Resolute Energy 21,600
Chaparral Energy 19,000
Eagle Rock Energy Partners* 16,090
Sandridge 15,500
Three Rivers Natural Resource Holdings II 15,000
EV Energy Partners 11,778
Caza Oil & Gas 3,312
Big Sky Petroleum 2,300
PetroQuest 1,600
Adams Resources Exploration  N/A 
Bopco LP  N/A 
Citation Oil & Gas  N/A 
Endeavor Energy Resources  N/A 
Fasken Oil & Ranch  N/A 
Field Point Petroleum  N/A 
Halcon Resources  N/A 
Henry Resources  N/A 
Hess  N/A 
JM Cox Resources  N/A 
LCX Energy  N/A 
Legacy Resources  N/A 
Lynden Energy  N/A 
Mewbourne Oil  N/A 
Parallel Petroleum  N/A 
Richland Resources  N/A 
Sheridan Production Partners II  N/A 
SM Energy  N/A 
Statoil  N/A 
Summit Energy  N/A 
U.S. Energy  N/A 
Unit Petroleum  N/A 
Yates Petroleum  N/A 
In a March 2011 investor presentation, Occidental Petroleum notes that there are more than
1,500 operators in the Permian basin.  
1Pro forma for East Goldsmith acquisition  
2Assumes successful sale of 70,000 acres announced 12/3/2013  
Source: Compiled by NGI's Shale Daily from company documents