Richard Glick, a Democrat who has been general counsel for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is scheduled to be sworn in Wednesday as a commissioner for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a FERC spokesperson said. Glick was nominated by President Trump to serve the remainder of a five-year term expiring June 30, 2022. His nomination and that of Kevin McIntyre were confirmed by the Senate Nov. 2. McIntyre, a Republican, would become chairman upon joining FERC, but has yet to be sworn in, and there was no indication when that would happen. Glick would join two Republicans — Acting Chairman Neil Chatterjee and Commissioner Robert Powelson — and one Democrat, Cheryl LaFleur, on the regulatory panel. Various theories have been floated as to whether the unprecedented delay in seating a full five-member panel has something to do with the upcoming vote on the Energy Department’s proposed rule for FERC to prop up declining numbers of coal and nuclear-fired power plants.