The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said a CNX Resources Corp. affiliate has paid a $200,000 fine for allegedly failing to control and properly dispose of production fluids at shale well sites in the southwestern part of the state. 


DEP said 1,680 gallons of production fluid breached containment and discharged onto the ground in September 2019 at the company’s RHL 71 and RHL 87 well site in Greene County’s Richhill Township. 

About three months later, another 30 gallons of fluid breached containment and flowed into a sediment basin during hydraulic fracturing operations at the company’s RHL 4 well pad. 

In both cases, DEP said CNX postponed removing the contaminated soil until fracturing was completed. CNX postponed remediation at the RHL 71 and RHL 87 sites for nearly 70 days. 

“Delays like these are unacceptable,” said DEP’s Dan Counahan, southwest district oil and gas manager. “DEP expects, and the regulations require, prompt reporting and cleanup of spills and that operators will take measures to prevent future incidents.”

DEP said CNX Gas Co. LLC paid a $125,000 civil penalty for violations at the RHL 71 and RHL 87 site. The company also paid a $75,000 civil penalty for violations at the RHL 4 site. Those penalties went into the state’s well plugging fund.