Rentech Inc. of Denver signed an exclusive agreement withPhoenix Gas Systems LLC (PGS) of Long Beach, CA, to develop amodular system to produce liquid hydrocarbons from gas and othercarbon-bearing materials. Rentech developed a process to convertgas, solid, and liquid carbon-bearing materials into super-clean,high-value fuels, products and chemicals. Products includesulfur-free, aromatic free diesel fuel (Ecodiesel), naphtha andwaxes. The process is known as the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process orGas-to-Liquids (GTL). The naphtha and diesel fuel produced areideal fuels for the “advanced fuel cell” concept currently beingdeveloped for use in transport and utility vehicles.

PGS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydrogen Burner Technology(HBT) also of Long Beach. PGS holds the worldwide license theUnder-oxidized Burner technology developed by HBT in industrialapplications. The technology converts natural gas and otherhydrocarbon-bearing feedstocks into synthesis gas. Synthesis gas isthe necessary component for all Fischer-Tropsch (FT) processesincluding the Rentech Process technology. The combining of aPGS/UOB syngas generator with Rentech’s FT technology could providecustomers with modular systems capable of producing up to 1,000barrels/d of FT fuels.

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