Crestone Peak Resources has joined Our Nation’s Energy Future (ONE Future), the first producer focused on the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin to do so.

ONE Future is a group of energy companies set on reducing methane emissions to 1% or less by 2025. Crestone is ONE Future’s 37th group member and the second energy company this month to be added. West Virginia-based exploration and production company Northeast Natural Energy joined earlier in January.

“Crestone has been recognized by the state of Colorado for its efforts to reduce the impacts of energy production, including protections for public health, air quality, water, and wildlife, and we know that its participation will help advance our mission of minimizing methane emissions from energy production,” said ONE Future Executive Director Richard Hyde.

ONE Future is set on displaying an innovative, performance and science-based approach to the management of methane emissions. Its overarching goal is to reach 1% or lower methane emissions across the entire natural gas value chain.

In the three years the coalition has reported its methane intensity, it has surpassed its 1% goal every time. In the 2019 methane intensity report, ONE Future beat its intensity goal by 67%, registering a methane intensity of 0.334%.

“Protecting public health and the environment is a high priority for Crestone, and we have been a leader in adopting technologies and practices that go beyond what’s required,” said Crestone’s David Stewart, vice president of environment, health, safety and regulatory.

“In Colorado, we operate under regulatory requirements that are stricter and more protective than in any other state in the nation. We look forward to learning from other ONE Future members and sharing the ideas, innovations and best practices that have helped us operate successfully in Colorado.”