A roundup of news and commentary from NGI’s LNG Insight

  • Nord Stream AG disclosed Wednesday it has discovered craters 10-16 feet deep along Line 1 of its natural gas pipeline system previously used to transport Russian supplies to Europe.
  • The craters were discovered less than 300 yards from each other and were likely created with man-made devices, the Switzerland-based pipeline operator concluded.
  • The preliminary data release was Nord Stream’s first official statement on the damage to its system since massive gas leaks were discovered bubbling to the surface in the Baltic Sea at the end of September.
  • Norwegian, Danish and Swedish defense forces have been monitoring the zones around the leaks and raising security levels at energy infrastructure around the region, which Nord Stream said has delayed its internal investigation.
  • The Swedish Security Service concluded last month that the damage was caused by explosives and was joined by Danish and German officials in suggesting Russia could have been involved.