Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC (NGPL) has requested a certificate of public convenience and necessity from FERC to build a natural gas pipeline in the Permian Basin of West Texas that would connect directly to the Waha hub.

NGPL, which is not connected to the hub, said the Lockridge Extension Pipeline would traverse Ward, Reeves and Pecos counties and provide up to 500,000 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity southbound along its existing Lockridge Pipeline to a new bidirectional interconnect with Trans-Pecos Pipeline LLC at Waha.

NGPL proposes to provide long-term firm transportation service to two shippers: Lucid Energy Delaware LLC (460,000 Dth/d) and EOG Resources Inc. (40,000 Dth/d). Cost is estimated at about $51.6 million.

The project calls for constructing 16.84 miles of 30-inch diameter pipeline and associated infrastructure plus a bidirectional interconnect in Pecos County, which would include two 10-inch diameter ultrasonic meter runs and a 30-inch diameter tap. About 91% of the proposed pipeline extension would be parallel and adjacent to existing utility rights-of-way.

NGPL requested the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issue a certificate order by January 2020. The company plans to begin construction in March 2020 and anticipates placing the extension into service in 4Q2020. FERC issued the application notice on Friday, stating that staff would either complete an environmental assessment or issue a notice of schedule for environmental review within 90 days [CP19-52].

NGPL is jointly owned by Kinder Morgan Inc. and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP. Kinder is working on several projects to move Permian gas to other markets, including the 2 Bcf/d Permian Highway Project and the 2 Bcf/d Gulf Coast Express.