As individual natural gas markets around the world become more integrated, thanks to the rise of LNG exports, U.S. natural gas price data have become an important tool in determining which way the trade winds are blowing.

As a result, NGI has begun publishing its two key Henry Hub natural gas spot market prices on a daily basis in NGI’s LNG Insight publication.

NGI’s Patrick Rau, director of strategy and research, explained the decision and why it matters for the global gas market in the latest episode of the Hub & Flow podcast. Click here to listen.

Launched in the LNG Insight newsletter and at, the data provides a visual snapshot of NGI’s daily Henry Hub price (published daily since 1993), NGI’s Bidweek Survey Henry Hub price (published monthly since 1989) and the New York Mercantile Exchange Henry Hub futures contract. 

NGI’s Daily Henry Hub price assesses the day-ahead market, while its Bidweek Survey Henry Hub is a monthly price. These spot market indexes are published in NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index and Bidweek Survey, respectively. The data offer a snapshot of where Henry Hub prices are today, where they were during the most recently completed bidweek, and where they’re trending for next month. 

Perhaps more important for the international audience, Henry Hub is the main pricing point for U.S. liquefied natural gas exports, which have accounted for the bulk of global supply growth in recent years. As exports have grown exponentially and become an increasingly important provider of incremental global supply, Henry Hub has also become the marginal pricing point for gas around the world, Rau explained in the podcast. 

Moreover, Rau said movements in the daily spot market can portend changes in the near-month futures contract and “yield some excellent market signals” as the global gas market continues to become more interconnected. 

Believing that transparent markets empower businesses, economies and communities, NGI works to provide natural gas price transparency for the Americas. NGI’s Hub & Flow podcast is a part of that effort.